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Interesting Juice Commercials

Commercials are meant to be entertaining as well as informative. However most commercials are considered rude interruptions to the serious act of viewing. Some commercials do provide good entertainment and get way to many views due to the pure entertainment and creativity offered in the commercial.

Here are some interesting commercials that ran well:

Crazy Healthy Cyclops’
“Every sip of POM Wonderful juice unleashed a giant rush of powerful vitamins and antioxidants to give your as much strength as a cyclops.”Beautifully targetted with interesting graphics this commercial seeks to get the younger generation addictd to healthy juices.

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, ‘Orange Delivery’
“Get that straight from the groove taste with Florida’s Natural Orange Juice. You’ll feel like it’s deliver straight to your table”The image of the fresh oranges right on the trailer gives the feel of the orange juice, juiced right out of the freshly plucked oranges.

However not all commercials are static posters. There are a number of interactive digital signs that are used to deliver a message with an expressive graphic.

Frest juice

Starbucks uses “tap wall” as a show piece in every store. Starbucks integrated digital signage into its recently opened Evolution Fresh, a juice and health store, to help customers tap into the new brand. This includes generative animation triggered by the “pull” of the juice taps (similar to a beer tap), a customer-activated digital menu and a standard video playlist feature.

NV3 Technologies integrated touchscreens, digital signage and Internet connectivity to their kiosks. These kiosks were originally used to charge devices for free. Added to these are no two way commercials which have the undivided attention of the person charging the device for the time spent at the kiosk.

LCD digital signage is a digital-based technology to deliver dynamic commercial campaigns. FM Digital Group employs LED and LCD display signage to promote brands and engage customers in the market place. Traditional advertising mediums (static billboards and shop-front signage) lack cut through and are an out-of-date communication tool.

Innovate with technology and take the shift to more interactive marketing tools like digital signage.



Remove your old tattoo painlessly


We dress up to make a statement. We walk in a certain manner and speak in a certain manner. There are plenty of ways to make a
statement of ourselves, what we stand for and who we believe we are. Tattoos  are a statement of what we believe in. From motorcycles to religious symbols to gods and goddesses tattoos are many. Angelina Jolie has a number of tattoos all over her body – each signifying something special about her relationships.

Tattoing on hands, sleeves, back, stomach and legs leaves the tattoo artist  with plenty of area to design a tattoo. But what happens if the
tatto interferes with other things. A lot of offices frown on a display of tattoo and a tattoo on the arm or the neck may not be received
well. It is easy to cover a tattoo at the back or on the upper arm but what about the areas that remain exposed.

No worries. Black and colored tattoos can be removed with laser technology. Black ink is easier to remove than the yellow and green
colored tattoos. Melbourne Tatt Removal  provides medlite C6 technology that gently removes the tattoo. it can take anywhere between 5 and 15 treatments to remove a tattoo. The number of treatments varies depending on the quality, depth and colour of your tattoo.

How does this work. The technology used is laser based. The MedLite C6 Q technology is considered to be the gold standard laser for skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal. The laser technology disperses energy at the right location faster than the normal relaxation time of the tissue. The energy is distributed evenly with no vacuoles or dead areas. The result is a safe, effective way to deliver energy precisely where it is needed.

Combined with the Zimmer Chiller handpiece, it provides great results with minimal downtime and redness. The Zimmer chiller cools the skin before, during, and after the procedure thus reducing redness throughout the process.

In time we grow out of the beliefs and the organisations we stood for. Incase you regret what you got tattooed in the sway of the
moment then head out for a consultation and get yourself a tattoo free body that no longer echoes old beliefs and sentiments.

Juice your way to good health

Home juice_fernhill


Bright eyes, sparkling teeth and glowing skin are a sign of good health. The billboards scream of products that can brighten skin, reduce weight, remove wrinkles, remove pimples and scars and more. The list can go on and on. How about trying something magical that can address most of these minor problems without the extensive use of creams, lotions and tubes.

Everything starts with the digestive tract. Keep the digestion simple, get the juices flowing  and you are blessed with a healthy gut. So what is the magic formula – juicing!!
Freshly pressed juices provide the body with lots and lots of healthy vitamins and minerals that are required to keep the system clean, to
fight infection and provide a much needed boost of energy.

Juices can be varied. Fruit juices, green juice, vegetable juices all have their specific properties and contribute to a healther and fitter
body. We are busy people and do not always have the time and energy to spend on elaborate and healthy meals. Just making simple life choices can be easy. Substitute the 11 ‘o’ clock coffee with a glass of freshly pressed juice and you get an instant boost of energy. Coffee may give an initial adrenalin boost but it will leave you feeling sluggish a little while later. The fruit juice not only gives your system a good kickstart but also leaves you fresh and pleasantly hungry for a light lunch.

At home and ready for a drink. Try substituting the drink with a glass of home juice. Make it green by throwing a lot of leafy greens and
a cucumber and top up with a dash of lime. You have an instant energy fix. Plus you have topped the body with a number of nutrients that may leave you feeling depleted. Juices have enzymes required to keep the body especially the digestive system running well. These enzymes are lost when we cook vegetables. A freshly prepared glass of home juice will take care of most nutritional requirements for the

Out on the go with no time to make anything at home. Stop for a minute and ask for glass of fresh vegetable juice
– carrot and beet are an excellent combination and provide you with a fantastic boost of red energy. The juice fills you up, is nourishing and keeps the false hunger pangs at bay till you get the time to eat
something nutritious. This also stops you from reaching out for the empty donut or the fattening burger.

Just simple changes can leave you filling fitter and agile in a few days. A healthy digestive system contributes to a healthy body, glowing skin and works as a natural anti ageing cream. Try the home juice remedy for a month to see the actual benefits.